Get Burial Insurance regardless of health.

Think outside of the box!

Expensive funeral charges you can eliminate. Most of these expenses are related to the final viewing the body.

If the view of a drawn visage is not how you want the final memory, you can save considerably.

Remember, every penny you save will by more your relatives can party with, I mean use towards their expenses.

Small face value policies  Viewing
Small face value policies  Visitation
burial insurance through a funeral home  Embalming
immediate benefit or graded  Dressing
enough burial insurance  Hearse
burial insurance if you are healthy  Expensive grave liner
group life insurance plan  Expensive headstone
increase coverage on your current life insurance  Opening and closing the grave
pre-paid funeral MAY be cheaper  Makeup
pre-paid funeral MAY be cheaper  Expensive sealer caskets

Because the funeral service is really for your relatives (it's questionable if you'll be enjoying it) communicate your wishes openly:

 Talk to your family about what they would like in a funeral
 Once you have a plan, make sure all your relatives have a copy
 Carry a card with relatives phone numbers in case of your death or accident
 If you decide on cremation, sign your permit ahead of time
 Have a memorial service at a church, park, home or favorite place of the deceased
 Have you or your family do most of the planning instead of the funeral home staff
 Consider an inexpensive non sealing metal casket in 20 gauge steel
 Donate the deceased body to medicine
 Consider immediate cremation and scattering ashes in a favorite spot
 Consider an immediate burial with no embalming or viewing
 Pay your final respects before the body is picked up to avoid having to pay for the viewing
 Use a low cost enclosure with the deceased's favorite personal effects and clothing
 Contact your local memorial society (1-800-765-0107 national directory)
 As always, shop several different mortuaries