Get Burial Insurance regardless of health.

Think outside of the box!

Follow these Burial Insurance Basics for California residents so your estate (your legacy) doesn't end up in debt.

Burial insurance is low benefit, easy issue life insurance coverage

Premiums are payable weekly or monthly. Funeral homes, brokers, and insurance agents sell burial insurance.

Burial (Whole Life Low Limit) Insurance benefits:

Small face value policies  4-6 health questions
Small face value policies  Applicant must attest to health & personal info
Small face value policies  No physical, blood or urine test required
Small face value policies  Immediate Payout from date of issue
Small face value policies  Higher maximums with additional underwriting

Burial (Whole Life Low Limit) Insurance drawbacks:

Terminally ill  Low maximums of $15,000-$35,000
Terminally ill  May not payout within the first 2-3 years
Terminally ill  No breaks for good health
Terminally ill  Only issued up to around age 85
Terminally ill  Some companies don't issue earlier than 40
Terminally ill  Builds little cash value
Terminally ill  May exceed the cost of a funeral
Terminally ill  May cost more than the death benefit

Guaranteed Issue (Graded) Insurance benefits:

Terminally ill   Applicant needs to verify personal info only
Terminally ill  No physical, blood or urine test required
Terminally ill  No health questions

Guaranteed Issue (Graded) Insurance drawbacks:

Terminally ill  Lower policy maximums
Terminally ill   No additional amounts of coverage usually offered
Terminally ill  No full payout for 2-4 years