Life / Burial Insurance regardless of health.

Think outside of the box!

Form an exit strategy. Don't wait until it's too late to take care of your
loved ones. Get life insurance, a will and a medical directive so your
last wishes will be honored.

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Much like whole or universal life, it's referred to as graded life, final expense of easy issue permanent coverage. Most have a yes or no application with no medical review or exam (unless you are requesting over normal coverage limits). Coverage continues as long as premiums are paid unless you cancel the policy. All policies accumulate cash value, and premiums remain the same. Burial life insurance is usually used to pay for immediate medical expenses related to funeral, credit cards, etc. Features of burial insurance include:

Small face value policies  Small face value policies
Easy to qualify for  Easy to qualify for (yes / no application)
accumulates cash value  Can accumulates cash value (most don't)
Life insurance premiums remain level  Life insurance premiums remain level
Provides protection to age 100  Provides insurance protection to age 100

You can get burial insurance if you are:

Terminally ill  Terminally ill
Terminally ill  Diagnosed with AIDS
Terminally ill  In a nursing home
Terminally ill  Have major heart issues
Terminally ill  In the hospital, on morphine, and waiting to die
Terminally ill  Diagnosed with cancer
Terminally ill  Have other major, life threatening health issues.

Reasons to avoid buying burial or graded life insurance:

Provides protection to age 100  I want my death to be a real tragedy
Provides protection to age 100  I can't conceive of dying, it's hard for me to think about
Provides protection to age 100  It's unpleasant to talk about

Reasons to buy burial or graded life insurance:

Terminally ill  You don't want your loved ones left with any of your debts from a funeral, credit cards, etc.
Terminally ill  It's not something you'll dwell on, just spend an hour or so making the arrangements and then keep your policy in force, from then on.
Terminally ill  You will show your loved ones that you care now by providing for them later.