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Your loved ones final to do list.

What to do if your spouse is dying

It's much easier to compile and collaborate on these documents with your loved one around:


Small face value policies  Social security numbers
Small face value policies  Insurance policies
Small face value policies  Certified copies of the death certificate
Small face value policies  An original will if available or locate a copy
Small face value policies  A copy of your marriage certificate
Small face value policies  If your spouse was a veteran, a copy of the honorable discharge
Small face value policies  A list of all of the personal property in your spouse's name
Small face value policies  A list of your spouses creditors (credit card & mortgage companies, hospitals and doctors).

Who to contact:

Terminally ill  Contact the life insurance companies and get a claim form and send in with your death certificate. Some insurance companies want you to send back the policy, but since they issued your policy, they have their own. Proceeds will be paid directly to the beneficiary but if there was none, paid to the estate.
Terminally ill  Contact Social Security at (800) 772-1213 to find out if you can receive either your spouse's benefit amount or an amount based on your own work record, whichever is greater.
Terminally ill  Contact your relative's employer (past and present) to see whether you are entitled to any pension benefits or group life policies. If they were receiving a pension, check to see whether you will receive this benefit or a reduced amount.
Terminally ill  If your relative was your spouse and a veteran, contact the Department of Veteran's Affairs at (800) 827-1000. You may be eligible for survivor's benefits including a funeral allowance.