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You may consider a hospice if you have 6 months or less to live. Hospice is care by family, friends, and health professionals,

made to enhance the life of the dying person (usually at home).

When Picking a California Hospice

Correct Hospice care is emphasizes comfort

Make sure they provide mental (counseling), social, spiritual and physical support to the dying patient and the family. Questions to ask:

hospice program licensed  Is the program licensed by the state?
hospice met federal minimum requirements  Has the hospice met federal minimum requirements for medicare?
hospice costs and payment policies  What are the hospice costs and payment policies?
hospice have malpractice and liability insurance  Does the hospice have malpractice and liability insurance?
hospice references  Are you given references of other hospital or community professionals that have worked with the hospice?
hospice caregiver  Do you have to retain a caregiver to be admitted?
hospice bbb  Does the organization have a track record with the Better Business Bureau?
Hospice State Attorney General  Has the organization been investigated by the State Attorney General’s office?
complaints or patient problems  How are complaints or patient problems handled?
hospice patient plan  Does the hospice create a patient plan each new customer?
calling hospice   When calling the hospice, do you speak to someone or go to voicemail?
hospice return calls  How quickly does the hospice return calls?

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