Get Burial Insurance regardless of health.

Think outside of the box!

Read the fine print on prepaid funeral plans. As long as you don't overpay, they can be very helpful. You get to choose what you're going to wear,

what kind of coffin you will be put in, even the kind of flowers they will have at your funeral.

Advantages of PrePaid Funerals:

Small face value policies   The deceased' last wishes are recorded and paid for (if they finish the payments).
Small face value policies   The survivors don't have to make choices right after the death.
Small face value policies  You can get the shopping out of the way ahead of time
Small face value policies  The deceased and survivors can share in the decision-making.
Small face value policies  Money paid into prepaid funeral plans is excluded when determining Medicaid eligibility.
Small face value policies  Since your funeral s paid for in advance, your family won't be subject to rising costs later.
Small face value policies  You the ability to decide every detail of your future service.

Disadvantages of Pre Paid Funerals:

Terminally ill   The deceased may be stuck with the funeral plot.
Terminally ill  It may be difficult to change arrangments
Terminally ill  Can be canceled if one monthly payment is late.
Terminally ill  Ground care of your plot may deteriorate after you buy Your payments may exceed a normal burial.
Terminally ill  You're paying a finance charge on items you haven't received.
Terminally ill  Products are sold "as is."
Terminally ill  Maybe non refundable.
Terminally ill  May lock you into inflated prices for inferior quality caskets, urns, and services.
Terminally ill  May not be transferable if you move.
Terminally ill   A refund may be reduced by sales charges as high as 1/3rd.
Terminally ill   The company may be out of business by the time the buyer dies.
Terminally ill   If your die before the plan is paid for, your agreement may not be honored in full.
Terminally ill   Interest may be withdrawn each year by the funeral home as administrative fees.